Little Comets release new single, ‘Total Abject Paranoia’

‘Total Abject Paranoia’ is the newest single from UK indie band, Little Comets.

Written about challenging the current state of politics, ‘Total Abject Paranoia’ ponders over “populism and victimisation”, with lead singer, Rob Coles, saying: “We really want the world to be a better place”.

Muted in style, the track takes its shape in the form of a gradual build up, with a heavy focus on powerful, perceptive lyricism, and soft, yet direct, vocals. Soundtracked by gorgeous instrumentals, ‘Total Abject Paranoia’ is a calming summary of the current turmoil facing the world.

The new single comes from Little Comets’ limited edition EP, ‘Baywatch’, available here.

Listen to ‘Total Abject Paranoia’ here:

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