Giant Rooks release debut album, ‘Rookery’ – Review

After releasing the ‘Wild Stare’ EP last year, Giant Rooks are set to debut their first full-length record, ‘Rookery’.

A delightful blend of anthemic pop and soaring synth-rock, ‘Rookery’ opens with the huge-sounding ‘Birth of the Worlds’, making a roaring entrance into a record packed with rolling harmonies and vivid melodies.

The irresistibly danceable, ‘Watershed’, makes use of rippling instrumentals and singalong vocal hooks, meanwhile ‘Heat Up’ emphasises the band’s pop roots, with love-struck lyricism and well-polished production. ‘Very Soon You’ll See’ cements itself as one of the catchiest tracks on the record, rising to high heights, before fading out into the more slow-tempo sounds of ‘Rainfalls’ and ‘Misinterpretations’.

A band with a clear flair for writing addictive pop tunes, Giant Rooks take on funky vocal hooks and power-driven instrumentals in ‘Silence’, then leaping away into the rockier, drum-heavy, ‘What I Know Is Quicksand’.

Originally released last year, ‘Wild Stare’ brings a touch of soul to the record, propelled by Frederik Rabe’s gritty vocals, and layered by more subtle melodic styles. ‘Head by Head’ continues down the same grittier strain, this time with more fire, charging into turbulent, guitar-heavy choruses, before slowly drawing back.

Final song of the album, ‘Into Your Arms’, closes the record through a melancholic array of swirling instrumentals and gentle harmonies; one last genre-packed bow out to a vibrantly coloured debut.

‘Rookery’ is immense. Every track brings its own level of uniqueness to the record, showcasing Giant Rooks’ creativity and versatility, and ability to spin from one genre to other in a matter of seconds.

Rookery’ is out tomorrow, and available to pre-order here.

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