Clue Records reveal exciting merger with Hatch Records

After connecting via the Come Play With Me artist development organisation, Clue Records’ Scott Lewis, and Hatch Records’ Tony Ereira recently decided to merge the two labels, with the release of Leeds-based group, Team Picture’s debut album becoming the first on the (new) Clue Records label.

LDOI spoke to Scott Lewis, to find out a little bit more on how the merger came about, and to look ahead to some exciting releases coming in the next few months.

“After long term mutual respect for what each other had done in the Leeds scene, I started working with Tony at Come Play With Me,” says Scott, speaking about how the two first began working together. “We got on really well, were on the same wavelength and had discussed a joint release of Team Picture’s ‘Radio Music’ EP as well as their debut album. After one thing and another, Tony suggested potentially combining the 2 labels & we just kept exploring what it could mean and getting more excited about it so we did it!”

Artists who’ve previously released music on the Clue Records label include the likes of YOWL, Van Houten, and Crushed Beaks, meanwhile bands such as The Wedding Present and Nine Black Alps have released session albums on Hatch Records.

Discussing new releases coming up on the label, Scott notes “We’ve got a new EP from Van Houten titled ‘Home Alone’ which is absolutely ace, then we’re gearing up for our eighth birthday in November and the announcement of a new signing soon – got to keep quiet on that as we’re not the only ones involved in it!”. Looking ahead to 2021, he says there’ll be “tons of ace stuff”, and even the possibility of a fan club being created.

In the midst of stacks of exciting Leeds-based artists, Scott notes that the debut album from Team Picture is “magnificent”, whilst mentioning the likes of Yard Act, Dead Naked Hippies, English Teacher, La Rissa, Straight Girl, Holodrum, and Polevaulter, to name a few, as the some of coolest upcoming bands.

Scott (R) and Tony (L)

With the current global pandemic holding off most touring plans, and causing huge strains on the music industry both nationally and globally, Scott discussed how the label have been coping with the situation. “It’s been difficult but we’ve tried to just accept the situation, be cautious & try to check in with our artists to make sure they’re ok, then look to the future and what we might be able to do.”

“The hardest part is not really seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, or even if there is one with tours & shows maybe coming early next year, it could be a knackered bulb that’ll go out. We just try to remember there are bigger more worrying things going on in the world, and we’re in the same position as everyone else, so we can only do what’s within our control.”

The label are aiming to nurture the artists over the next few years, with Scott saying “I think expanding the team at Clue to be able to offer more time and support for our artists is the key part. We don’t want any of them to be flash in the pan, we want them to grow and learn so hopefully we can support that with a strong team for them to feel backed.”

Watch the video for ‘Handsome Machine’ by Team Picture here:

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