Soundtracked – July 16th

Here are some of our favourite releases from the past few months – most of the tracks listed here are available to listen to on the ‘Soundtracked’ Spotify playlist, which is linked at the bottom of the page.

*FEATURED TRACK*: Give Me Honey – Dope Lemon

Dusty, desert rock with a neat Western influence, almost erring into 70’s rock and roll – accompanied by an effortlessly cool looking video. FFO: The Black Keys, Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley

Magic – Avi Snow and IRO

Bright, breezy, alt-pop tune with an enchanting melody and laid-back vocals. FFO: Zola Blood, TENDER

Rushing through my head – Avi Snow

Constructing the calm image of waves drenched in moonlight, ‘Rushing through my head’ is a muted track accompanied by modest vocals. FFO: IRO, Zola Blood

Haunted Skies – Last Mountain

Hailing from Canada, the first single from trio Last Mountain brings drizzly acoustics backed by delicate vocals and emotive lyrics. FFO: Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty

First in Flight – Day and Dream

Pounding indie rock with almost psychedelic sounding vocals. FFO: Cigarettes After Sex, Mild High Club, Beach House

Chrysalis – Day and Dream

Airy indie pop with a cloudless melody, and breezy vocals. FFO: Cigarettes After Sex, Mild High Club, Beach House

The Hurt – Bryce Kepner

Soulful, low-fi indie rock, infested with compelling emotion, and backed by a gentle hazy melody. FFO: Hozier, James Bay, Tom Odell

Flames – Valencia James

Powerful, emotive pop song, with an explosive, red-hot chorus. FFO: Taylor Swift, Lorde

OMG – Tidal Babes

Great hook, colourful vocals, and a vivid melody – irresistibly good pop tune. FFO: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry.

Sink – elkvilla

Reminiscent of sunset walks in sleepy seaside towns, elkvilla perfectly intertwines soft vocals with gloomy lyrics. FFO: Ben Howard, Bon Iver

For You – Nomi $hanya

Smooth, honey-like vocals backed by a funky beat and a luscious melody. FFO: Raveena, No Doubt, TLC

Peaches – Danto

Sunny indie pop perfect for summer playlists, oozing warmth and optimism. FFO: Years and Years, Shawn Mendes, The 1975

Off the Grid – Always the Alibi

Slow-burning start, before erupting into a blazing chorus with thundering drums and a boisterous riff. FFO: Green Day, Good Charlotte

Onesided – Prayrain, Tom Lohrmann

Catchy, sugar-coated pop with a golden summery vibe, and a zesty melody. FFO: Halsey, Lorde, Ed Sheeran

Bang – TAELA

Lively and colourful with strong vocals and vivid lyrics. FFO: Lizzo, Amy Winehouse, Jorja Smith, Mabel

Jesus Murphy – Peter Mol

Beautifully crafted indie pop, gently masked by mellow vocals, emitting bright sunshine vibes. FFO: Tame Impala, The Japanese House, HOMESHAKE

Trends – Lanterns

Funky alt-pop with jazzy guitar riffs and an undeniable energy, perfect for party playlists. FFO: The 1975, Kid Astray, Magic Man

Jump Into The Morning – Sound Tropez

Mellow indie rock guaranteed to place a smile on your face – sounds best on dreamy sunrise drives. FFO: Beach House, FUR

Day N’ Night – Ministry of Mars (ft Jad Lagoon)

Funky indie pop, filled with a groovy melody, slick synth beats, and an energetic rap verse. FFO: LANY, The 1975, The Japanese House

Trailer Tragedies – Charcoal Burners

Thumping rocky tune soaring from New Zealand – Charcoal Burners bring the fiery riffs to rock and roll. FFO: The Chats, The Garden, Nirvana

Dos Cervezas – Saint Free

Groovy guitar riffs and bold vocals, reminiscent of poolside parties and sun-filled summers. FFO: The 1975, Wallows

Along the Low – Rupert Stroud

Delicate, acoustically driven pop, with a soulful honesty and soothing vocals. FFO: Tom Walker, James Bay, Hozier

Porto Cristo – BROTHER

Dancey, chilled out indie rock, bursting with colourful tropical vibes. FFO: Foster the People, Kid Astray, Magic Man

I Can’t Be – Good Dog Nigel

Groovy guitar-driven rock full of charm and charisma, reminiscent of 60’s/70’s rock. FFO: The Lemon Twigs, The Beatles, The Kinks

Pastel Goth – Joseph Dubay

Starry love song ideal for soundtracking an indie-romance movie. The track begins quietly before reaching somewhere more powerful – and then calming down once more. FFO: Panic! At The Disco, Cavetown, Billie Eilish

Obsessed – Des Flores

Sweet R+B with honey-drenched vocals and a cozy warm melody. FFO: Jorja Smith, Mabel, Raveena

Sivolette – Dudeo Perez

Vibrant indie rock with funky riffs and a cool sunshine coated melody. FFO: Wallows, Foster the People

Sitting in the Park – Jay Marwaha

Radiant R+B dusted with hip-hop beats and luscious vocals – a track ideal for warm weather. FFO: Rex Orange County, Loyle Carner

L.I.A.L.T – The Basement Leaks

Stormy riffs and lightning fast drums create mosh-pit inducing madness. FFO: Catfish and the Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys.

She’s Fine – The Red Fuze

Suave rock and roll with a touch of the 70’s, and a blazing ending. FFO: The Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire

Listen to the playlist here:

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