The New Consistent releases new single, ‘Led Astray’ ft Hunter Bavaro

In collaboration with Hunter Bavaro, Birmingham artist The New Consistent has released his latest single, ‘Led Astray’, his first release of the year, since 2022’s All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay.

Written about navigating through life and avoiding being led in the wrong direction by the darker pulls of the modern world, The New Consistent roams through his familiar, brutally honest approach to storytelling, speaking vividly against a calming backdrop of echoing guitar licks and soulful drum beats.

Speaking about the track, The New Consistent said: “Really, it’s born out of a frustration with various experiences I’ve had, and how I’ve coped with them. There was a few times when I’d been struggling with something and resorted to social media for a mindless escape, but just ended up coming out the other side of an hour long scrolling session feeling worse.”

“It often seems like there’s not much room to breathe when you do that, and that the world is attacking you from every angle,” he continued.

‘Led Astray’ is out now.

Listen to ‘Led Astray’ here:

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