Shania releases new single, ‘Pretty Mad’

Ahead of her new EP, Pedestal, 23-year-old London singer-songwriter Shania has debuted her latest single, ‘Pretty Mad’, in her first solo music since the release of her debut EP, Bloom, back in 2020.

With a gorgeously cinematic soundscape and gently flowing vocals, ‘Pretty Mad’ explores the struggles and pressure of constantly comparing yourself to others and their achievements, with a coming-of-age feel and an acceptance of growing older.

Produced by Dark Arts Club and mixed and mastered by Ewan Vickey, ‘Pretty Mad’ builds on delicate layers of synths, shimmering over the mellowed drum beat and taking on a growing sense of optimism as the the track rises from whispered verses into something much brighter.

Since the release of Bloom just over two years ago, Shania has since been involved in numerous dance tracks, featuring on various Spotify editorial playlists and gaining over one million streams in the process.

Three years in the making, Pedestal is set to be released this Spring.

Listen to ‘Pretty Mad’ here.

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