The New Consistent releases new EP, ‘All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay’

The newest EP from West Midlands based artist The New Consistent continues to showcase his cutting delivery and lyrical wit, this time against a backdrop of bigger instrumentals and bolder production.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in the summer, All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay sees The New Consistent open up entirely, with his personal brand of storytelling traversing through worries about his family, his friends, and his future, whilst contemplating his childhood and upbringing.

Each track of the EP is carefully thought out, layers of guitars and piano mirroring the unfolding lyricism, as the rapper speaks candidly about the past few years. ‘Selling Mirrors To The Blind’ is bright and brassy, with an air of positivity – the highly catchy, Easy Life-esque chorus creating an earworm. Meanwhile, ‘Dead Grass’ feels much darker, grimacing vocals snarl against spinning drum loops and murky bass tones.

‘Short Straws’ is musically soulful, with a melting vocal hook and a feature from Birmingham-based rapper Yonko Leck, whilst ‘Invisible Fears’ explores the need for inner calmness, and a desire to be happier; “I’m just tired of wasting tears”, sings Dani Murden.

The EP’s title track feels like the most personal of the five songs; a collection of voice notes played against lo-fi guitar strums. It centres All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay as an appreciation of loved ones, and a unguarded view of the past and future.

All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay is contemplative, honest, and humble. It presents The New Consistent for what he is – an artist with a lot to say, and a lot more yet to come.

Listen to All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay here.

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