The Early Mornings – Unnecessary Creation EP

Contrary to the overused post-punk label most fitting for The Early Mornings, the Manchester deriving three-piece craft incredibly diverse, distinctive, and practically ‘un-pigeonhole-able’ guitar-oriented aural delights; the poetic lyricism of vocalist/guitarist Annie Leader – using a dry, Dadaist influence for stark social commentary – seemingly blended from a similarly unique elixir. In this way, like other innovative new offshoots of alternative music, The Early Mornings are another victim to the wantonly used ‘post-punk’.

Their debut EP, Unnecessary Creation, already distinguishes the trio – not only from indie music itself, but also the most esteemed, most post-punk of today’s post-punk. The EP’s title alone explores a topical field that few have thus scattered their psychic crumbs around: Unnecessary Creation, an excerpt from bassist Danny’s poetry; “Punctuate my days with unnecessary creation”, summarising the paradoxical nature of art. As much as music or any other artform doesn’t provide any kind of physical vitality, it would only be a small stretch to conclude that it is the oxygen that keeps us all going;

Sprawling, meandering but incisively jagged structures; instrumentation that seems to spill lucidly from it’s predetermined plot, with as much vigour and boundless freedom as the band have for blurring genre. Blank Sky exhibits this motion, careening into a scathing, staccato guitar implosion.

The Early Mornings’ incomparably galvanic spark also runs profusely through their instrumental material, the EP ignited by a sharp, juddering voyage of multi-genre exuberance. Although just over 60 seconds, Legal Length’s concise but extraordinarily genre-exploratory journey still bleeds this aforementioned, spontaneity-oozing, and unrestricted structure-lessness.

Legal Length, though almost achingly short, leads sublimely into the similarly exuberant, blisteringly brisk Days Spent – a track lamenting “…perfect weather…” and “days spent seeing how long/you let the match burn…” in Leader’s characteristic raw, unadorned Northern timbred vocals. The consistent structureless-ness also abounds; a call-and-response bridging the track’s middle with undulating bass effusions and countering, uber-melodic guitar; while the outro clatters malevolently from the brazen but utterly dynamic drums.

Between the two already released singles are sandwiched three veritably punky tracks displaying The Early Mornings’ plethora of musically adventurous and poetic mystique. While Departure From Habit rests on a delightfully plodding, rhythmic bass stroll and Leader’s monotone vocals act as an elevating contrast to the jubilant tone of “…when I’m with you I’m so happy…”, Not Content substitutes the erstwhile melodic lead for an equally absorbing, scratchy rhythm guitar.

From it’s juddering beginning all the way through to it’s freewheeling blaze of a conclusion, The Early Mornings’ debut EP is a beacon of a band free of genre and reluctance for musical progression; beckoning an impossibly bright future.

Unnecessary Creation is out on June 18th, absorb the band’s latest here.

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