HUNYBEES release new single, ‘I Keep Falling In Love’

Hertfordshire duo HUNYBEES have released their newest single, ‘I Keep Falling In Love’.

A Brit-pop tinged summery banger, ‘I Keep Falling Love’ sees the duo pair relatable lyricism with sharp guitars and singalong choruses; the ideal opener to the start of the festival season and sunnier days ahead. With lyrics surrounding ‘falling in love over and over again’, the single takes on a carefree attitude, finding contentment in life despite things not always working out right.

Released ahead of their new EP, ‘Filth’, vocalist Charlie Preston says the track is “about that innate desire for love and to be loved, even when we know it may not work out. It’s a playful, fun song that doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. We’ve played with the simplicity of it by using a whole bunch of our influences, some blues in the bass, an indie rock guitar line and post punk vocal elements.”

Set to be released June 18th, ‘Filth’ is HUNYBEES’ debut EP, with Preston saying that “at their centre, the tracks [on the EP] are very personal and honest however they have a thick glazing of irony.”

“We never take ourselves too seriously, hence the tongue and cheek nature of what we do”, he adds.

Listen to ‘I Keep Falling In Love’ here:

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