The Early Mornings release ‘Days Spent’

The latest offering from the band sees an ecstatic, and exorbitantly bright guitar and bass, meandering to unpredictable avenues with unfathomable melody. This exuberant pairing – an uber-melodic sensation akin to the vibrant noise found in Deerhoof or The Modern Lovers – as well as the pulsing lurch of the drums, sublimely contrasts the monotone but strikingly singular delivery from vocalist/guitarist Annie Leader. As with previously released tracks, although offering comparisons with rising London act Dry Cleaning, Leader’s vocals are starkly unique: for the most part, incredibly dry and yet pointedly piercing even among the equally driving instrumentation; entirely poetic and expressive in their intonation and the Dadaist, myriad spontaneity of the wordplay. Here, as with the grittiness of Blank Sky – but via an even greater command – Leader uses the wild, fractious instrumentation as a vehicle for the catharsis and expulsion of tedium: “perfect weather”.

Alongside the contrast in the vocals and unruly instrumentation, the track’s sharp, incisive nature is refracted by the quite stark simplicity of it’s video, showing the band in an empty practice space. This decision, as the band themselves emphasise, was in connection to a desire to directly counter the complexity of their previous videos:

“Our previous videos were shot over several weeks in dozens of locations, so we wanted to keep this one simple. There’s no concept or elaboration – just us in a room playing. I like to see what a band looks like playing live when I first hear them – so here we are.”

The Early Mornings release their debut EP, Unnecessary Creation, next month. Unnecessary Creation features Days Spent and Blank Sky, as well as three other as-yet-unheard tracks; the EP was recorded day in the ballroom of an old house which had been converted into a studio. The collective tracks exhibit multiple facets of their music – through tracks that were written in the band’s nascency, as well as others which are yet to receive their live debut. Encompassing a plethora of sounds and genres – one-minute instrumentals, to melodic pop, to jagged post-punk – Unnecessary Creation promises to be The Early Mornings magnum opus.

The band also play their first show in over a year this coming Saturday – which is also their first London show, at The Old Blue Last. Tickets on sale here.

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