JWestern releases new single, ‘Feel Like This’

Leeds alt-pop artist JWestern has released his newest single, ‘Feel Like This’.

With dusky instrumentals and swaying vocals, ‘Feel Like This’ is a soft ode to falling in love, floating through hazy guitar tones, finessed with minimalistic production.

Discussing the track, JWestern says “writing ‘Feel Like This’ was all about capturing that first moment of realising you’re utterly in love with a person, but it’s all coming at you so fast. The confused, butterfly feeling which takes you aback and messes you up until you’re out the other side.”

“I wanted to create an atmosphere of stillness, like someone’s underneath moonlight, completely wrapped up in their mind about this person and doing their utmost to keep moving,” he continues.

Following a similar path to earlier single, ‘Aspirin’; ‘Feel Like This’ strays away from the brighter, jazzier tones of JWestern’s debut EP, ‘Just People’, edging further into a smouldering, alt-RnB sound.

The new single is his second release of 2021.

Listen to ‘Feel Like This’ here:

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