Soundtracked – May 17th

Here are a few of our favourite tracks from the past week.

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘All That We’ve Got’ – The New Consistent

Featuring smooth-flowing vocals and gorgeous riffs, ‘All That We’ve Got’ is the perfect entrance to summer; a soundtrack to hazy Sunday mornings and golden sunrises. Speaking about the track, TNC says: “All That We’ve Got’ is a song written specifically about a time when you’re at a motive in the summer, the sun is shining and the people your with are laughing, everything looks and feels good from the outside.” The New Consistent’s first single of 2020 – ‘All That We’ve Got’ comes after the release of his debut EP, ‘Stories from the 01905’, last year.

‘Woman’ – Little Simz and Cleo Sol

Powerful lyricism backed by gorgeous instrumentals, and complemented by sweet vocal hooks from Cleo Sol; the newest single from Little Simz yet again cements her as a leading figure within UK rap, arriving ahead of her fourth album, ‘Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert’. The track follows on from the release of ‘Introvert’ last month.

‘Trust Me’ – Barnaby Keen

A warming blend of psychedelia and soft folk, ‘Trust Me’ is filled with breezy instrumentals and rich vocal tones – an easy-listening slice of dreaminess, with a simple, yet beautiful arrangement. Discussing the track, Keen says it began as a melody his partner would hum whilst he lived in Eastern Europe, saying “years later I was living in a [London] church with an old Hammond organ in it, and that melody came back to me. I took part of it and then wrote the song remembering her and our time together.” ‘Trust Me’ is Keen’s second release of the year, after debuting ‘Lay Our Cards’ back in March.

‘No Hard Feelings’ – Wolf Alice’

The latest release ahead of their third record ‘Blue Weekend’; ‘No Hard Feelings’ is a quiet, instrumentally driven path through delicate grooves and airy vocal tones, soundtracked by angelic harmonies, whilst resonating in melancholy. ‘No Hard Feelings’ is Wolf Alice’s third release of the year, and comes after they released ‘Last Man On Earth’ earlier in 2021.

‘Jealous Sea’ – The Deep Blue

Manchester-based trio The Deep Blue have released their debut single, ‘Jealous Sea’. Addictive vocal harmonies rise into upbeat choruses, flowing with optimistic lyricism. Fleetwood Mac-esque at heart, ‘Jealous Sea’ is filled with fresh-feeling instrumentals and touches of groove, weaving 70s rock riffs into modern pop melodies. Discussing the lyrics of the track, The Deep Blue say “in a world of endless scrolling through the lives of others, it can be difficult to keep your head above the jealous sea; we are all in danger of slipping under. You’re not alone—sometimes we all want to be somebody else. Here’s a song to get you through and dance the green away.”

‘Your Power’ – Billie Eilish

Eilish’s latest single is a brutally honest ballad, with dark lyricism about dealing with coercion, control, and sexual abuse. Contrasted against the spaced-out dreaminess of the instrumentals, Eilish’s all-too familiar anecdotes feel even more chilling. The new single comes ahead of her second album, ‘Happier Than Ever’.

‘Garden Cities of Tomorrow’ – Pushpin

London band Pushpin have shared their latest release, ‘Garden Cities of Tomorrow’. Recorded, self-produced, mixed and mastered by Pushpin, ‘Garden Cities of Tomorrow’ is a ricocheting, art-pop influenced journey through razor-sharp instrumentals, snarling verses, and rousing choruses. Edging between fuzz-touched riffs and softer bridges, the song catapults into a Foals-esque outro, with anthemic vocals and pulsating, groove-induced melodies. The track is Pushpin’s third release of the year, after debuting ‘Folds’ earlier in 2021. 

‘Obsolete’ – King No-One

Characterised by the band’s trademark alt-pop-influenced rock sound, ‘Obsolete’ is a song of contrasts, juxtaposing dark lyricism against melodic choruses, and grungy guitars against soft, synthy verses. Speaking about the track, King No-One say “Obsolete’ is about the pursuit of hedonism to mask the shame that depression can leave you with. And the first acknowledgment that you kinda suck and don’t want to suck anymore.” The new single is the trio’s second release of 2021, after ‘Bad Porno’ was released earlier in the year.

Words by Ellie Howorth

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