The New Consistent releases new single, ‘All That We’ve Got’

West Midlands artist The New Consistent has released his first single of the year, ‘All That We’ve Got’.

Featuring smooth-flowing vocals and gorgeous riffs, ‘All That We’ve Got’ is the perfect entrance to summer; a soundtrack to hazy Sunday mornings and golden sunrises.

Speaking about the track, TNC says: “All That We’ve Got’ is a song written specifically about a time when you’re at a motive in the summer, the sun is shining and the people your with are laughing, everything looks and feels good from the outside.”

It’s full of juxtapositions, but put simply, the chorus is the present reality, the reality seen through rose tinted glasses (with the lyrics there also used as a light coping mechanism for yourself and the people your with), and my verses are the thoughts going through my mind in the complex reality.”, he continues, saying “it is however, mostly a happy song, one that I hope soundtracks people’s lives as we come out of lockdown and the weather slowly gets better.

Photo credit: Archie Davidson

‘All That We’ve Got’ was released alongside the b-side track, ‘Time Is On My Side – Freestyle’; a track in which TNC excitingly teases a ‘big announcement’ up ahead.

The New Consistent’s first single of 2020 – ‘All That We’ve Got’ comes after the release of his debut EP, ‘Stories from the 01905’, last year.

Listen to ‘All That We’ve Got’ here:

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