Soundtracked – 10th May

Here are a few of our favourite tracks from the past week and beyond.

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Ready For Tomorrow’ – Babe Rainbow

Australian band Babe Rainbow’s latest single marks the arrival of their fourth album, Changing Colours. ‘Ready For Tomorrow’, a buoyant and heady psych brew fuelled by a funk-disco centred injection of fuzzed guitars and vocals that evoke freedom alongside a faint dose of melancholy, is the final foreshadowing of the upcoming record. This infectious, sun-dappled tide of Beach Boys effusing, fluid vocals and billowing, surf style guitar-bass-drums – plus the saccharine ooze of the slide guitar – make for an instant shot of vibrant, joyous psych-pop; replayable ad infinitum.

Words by James Kilkenny

‘Keep It To Yourself’ – Honey Motel

The newest single from the Liverpool quartet – the track opens with a melancholic intro, before rising into an emotive, hard-hitting rush of raw vocals and power-driven guitars, splitting between fast-paced choruses and steadier verses. Speaking about the song’s lyrics, the band say that ‘Keep It To Yourself’ “outlines the delicate & frangible nature of relationships. Whether it be a lover, friend or family member, the faultless and irreprochable depiction painted of them within your mind is one that shudders and cracks as more of that person’s past is unveiled.”

Words by Ellie Howorth

‘Monolithium’ – SCALPING

Bristol’s SCALPING have signalled the arrival of their upcoming FLOOD EP with ‘Monolithium’. The new track features the pulsing, grinding, rhythmic core tasted on early outing ‘Deadlock’ – which led to the band signing to Houndstooth, as well as being named in the NME 100 for 2021 – yet moulded and implemented in an alternative but equally immersive manner. This pulverising, interlocking groove is forged from the outset and, like a fiercely woven linchpin, refuses to relinquish it’s scorched grip. As the name suggests, the track’s viscerally relentless and cohesive structure issues a repetitive, mantric, monomania-style blaze, simultaneously redolent of various far-flung genres while also a sound entirely their own. The blistering energy presented here, and across SCALPING’s previous releases, exhibits not only the ructions of their live shows, but also the fiercely driven statement of their new EP.

Words by James Kilkenny

‘in yer pocket’ – Bedrooms

Dublin four-piece Bedrooms have recently unveiled the latest track to feature on their forthcoming debut EP. ‘in yer pocket’ delves deeply into Bedrooms’ profoundly sincere, heartfelt musical facets, portraying this intimacy with as much balance and precision as the visceral catharsis they have exhibited. The track’s early half ekes sumptuous melancholy through the plaintively strummed guitar chords and stoic but ethereal bass, while the drums are a spritely, dynamic backbone keeping the burgeoning momentum thriving. The lyrical and vocal slant is one of a somber, and pared restraint, deftly furthering the candorous, aching tone: “I’m down on my knees in yer pocket”.

Words by James Kilkenny

‘hollow scene’ – deep tan

East London group, deep tan, have released their newest track, ‘hollow scene’; the final single from their upcoming debut EP ‘creeping speedwells’, which is set for release in June. Written about “the feeling of having to move through life with a certain level of detachment in order to function”‘hollow scene’ features crawling instrumentals and murmuring vocals, following the same mesmerising – almost cryptic -melodic cycles that have characterised the band’s previous work. Heavily inspired by post-punk, deep tan’s previous single, ‘camelot’, took a heavier approach, focusing in on zipping guitars and pounding basslines.

Words by Ellie Howorth

‘Blow Off The Dust’ – The Hazy Janes

Halifax based, blues-rock effusing duo The Hazy Janes recently released their second single ‘Blow off the Dust’. The latest from the band is another sumptuously boisterous, Black Keys-esque blast of a blues lament – albeit with a emphatically pleasing West Yorkshire tinge. An exceptionally sharp and incisive, nigh on irresistible riff from guitarist/vocalist Ellis Best abounds throughout – reaching it’s bone-rattling, delta-blues soaked zenith in the chorus’ ecstatic clamour, spurred on by the consistently stoic and oft justifiably thunderous beat of drummer Bron Bury. Atop this bristling, scintillating guitar-drums furore, a subtle but exuberant, “…killer keys part which plays throughout…” – courtesy of “…Jonny Hooker at Young Thugs Studios…”, who the band also “…thank for all the recording and production…”.

Words by James Kilkenny

‘Better Late Than Never’ – Wings of Desire

As many releases this past year (musical, cinematic, or otherwise) have sought to – in an attempt to minimise the tedium of lockdown life – the new single from Wings of Desire peers through the lens of the mundane, reflecting a kaleidoscopic, near-limitless array of days lived, and introspectively hold up a mirror to the minutiae of our individual personalities. ‘Better Late Than Never’, explores contrasting views on the all-too present, gnawing itch elicited by the passage of time and getting older, while also staring into (across and through) a myriad array of the human facets. A leaning towards American indie brings forth complimentary spectrum of both blissful and yearning instrumentation – a searching guitar that also simultaneously evokes a creative euphoria – illustrates this, as well as the timbre in James’ vocals (‘just getting older’), equally wistful as they are celebratory in their soothing tone.

Words by James Kilkenny

‘Coltrane’ – Eades

Serving as the final glimpse into the ‘Abstract Education’ EP, ‘Coltrane’ is a flying, fuzz-filled banger – pairing vintage guitar tones with incredibly catchy choruses. It comes after the release of ‘Former Warnings Cluster’; the first single from ‘Abstract Education’. Speaking about the band’s new EP, lead singer Harry Jordan said: ‘Abstract Education’ refers to the lessons in life that aren’t so obvious or on the nose. Forgiving, and letting go of the past, whilst still learning from it. It’s also about understanding our own emotions and coming to terms with personal flaws, bad habits, addictions, anxieties etc.”

Words by Ellie Howorth

‘cool kid’ – Cathy Jain

Salford-born singer-songwriter Cathy Jain has released her addictive new single, ‘cool kid’. A lockdown collaboration with Heron from Cracked Analogue studios in Goa; ‘cool kid’ centres around the concept of fakeness vs authenticity, soundtracking relatable lyricism with soft instrumentals and flowing choruses. Carefully crafted melodies sit upon subtle beats, taking influence from the R&B and alt-pop sounds of Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey. Dreamy vocals dance around catchy hooks, swirling through layered, synth-laden production. Her fourth single release to date, ‘cool kid’ comes after the release of ‘green screen’ back in 2020. As well as receiving frequent plays on BBC Introducing over the past year, Cathy Jain was also shortlisted for Radio 1’s Live Lounge competition last month – one of just a few people out of thousands of applicants to make the cut.

Words by Ellie Howorth

‘Famous’ – MAUMAUMAU

LA-based singer-songwriter MAUMAUMAU has released his newest single, ‘Famous’. Written about disconnecting with an old friend that became famous, the track is dominated by a heavy pop beat, soundtracking anthemic choruses with bright riffs and fuzz-hinted production. The latest release ahead of his debut EP, ‘Meow Meow Meow’ – ‘Famous’ follows the dancefloor-filling, bass-heavy sounds set by earlier single, ‘Curveball Whip Cream’; a cool genre combination blending dance, pop, and touches of rock. Speaking about ‘Famous’, MAUMAUMAU said the lyrics had him “thinking about fame and the burdens that come with it. That’s what this song is about. It’s not angry or beefy or even resentful. It’s just observant and pensive,” he continued.

Words by Ellie Howorth

‘Deal or No Deal’ – Saloon Dion

New Bristol supergroup Saloon Dion have released their debut single, ‘Deal or No Deal’. Consisting of band members from Football FC, Kimbo Nice, Ratbags and Ben; Saloon Dion’s post-punk debut offers up wild riffs, heavy choruses, and forthright, yet light-hearted lyricism about “being who you are”. Speaking about the track, the band say the lyrics surround “the idea of walking through life and shrugging things off your shoulders as they pass you by. Things that try to pull you down and make you conform to everyday expectations.” ‘Deal or No Deal’ shouts ‘here I am, like it or lump it’”, they expand, emphasising the unpredictability of the instrumentals, and saying “like Saloon Dion, the music goes where it wants to go. This is us, this is what we do, deal or no deal?”.

Words by Ellie Howorth

‘Fully Mature Things’ – Tuvaband

Norway artist Tuvaband has released her latest single, ‘Fully Mature Things’, ahead of her new album. Rich vocals swirl around gorgeously crafted instrumentals – rising into emotive choruses filled with powerful lyrical sentiments and hazy, winding riffs. Discussing ‘Fully Mature Things’, Tuvaband said it surrounds “accepting changes and letting go of the past to make space for the new, as a result of realising that fully mature things rot,” covering “everything from old and ingrained patterns of behaviour and thoughts, both on a personal level and in a society’s social structure.“ A mix of shoegaze rock and alt-pop, ‘Fully Mature Things’ takes on a spacey production style, bringing out hard-hitting melodies paired perfectly with Tuvaband’s compelling vocals.

Words by Ellie Howorth

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