Saloon Dion release debut single, ‘Deal or No Deal’

New Bristol supergroup Saloon Dion have released their debut single, ‘Deal or No Deal’.

Consisting of band members from Football FC, Kimbo Nice, Ratbags and Ben; Saloon Dion’s post-punk debut offers up wild riffs, heavy choruses, and forthright, yet light-hearted lyricism about “being who you are”.

Speaking about the track, the band say the lyrics surround “the idea of walking through life and shrugging things off your shoulders as they pass you by. Things that try to pull you down and make you conform to everyday expectations.”

‘Deal or No Deal’ shouts ‘here I am, like it or lump it’”, they expand, emphasising the unpredictability of the instrumentals, and saying “like Saloon Dion, the music goes where it wants to go. This is us, this is what we do, deal or no deal?”.

‘Deal or No Deal’ might only be the first single from the Bristol four-piece, but it’s a clear sign of more exciting times to come.

Listen to ‘Deal or No Deal’ here:

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