Squid release debut album and announce Later… performance

Brighton’s genre-splicing five-piece – once a minimal jazz, ambient group; now an abrasive and freewheeling stalwart of the ill-defined but thriving new “post-punk” generation – have today released their highly anticipated debut album, Bright Green Field.

The album funnels Squid’s characteristic gravelly catharsis of wonky and otherwise catchy guitar hooks, alongside sometimes grandiose movements and an evergreen experimentalism. Spruced by the production magic of Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey (microphones swinging from the ceiling orbiting a room of guitar amps), the group incorporate orchestral moments featuring Emma-Jean Thackray and Lewis Evans from Black Country, New Road and a distorted choir of 30 voices. Squid channel these tools into the album, alongside a masterfully manipulated plethora of influences, with a precision and dynamic nature redolent of their prior jazz experience.

The album also uses this myriad sound to fuel the wheel of literary influences that the band absorbed – particularly Douglas Coupland’s belief that we’re living in the “Extreme Present” and Mark Fisher and Merlin Coverley’s writings on Hauntology and the slow cancellation of the future. The band in turn reflected these upon Bright Green Field’s commentary on contemporary times; the album a stark illustration of the dystopian and futurist landscape that we currently live in.

In addition to a special album launch celebration today, which includes a “synth jam”, Squid have also announced a performance on Later…with Jools Holland on Friday 21st May, 10pm on BBC Two. 

The band also recently announced their UK tour alongside the Fieldworks tour, as well as Squid’s first ever headline USA tour, due to take place November 2021. Tickets here.

Listen to Bright Green Field here.

See the live performance of Pamphlets, their most recent single, below.

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