Eades release ‘Abstract Education’ EP

Exciting Leeds quintet Eades have released their second EP, ‘Abstract Education’.

Following on from their 2020 debut, ‘Microcosmic Things’; ‘Abstract Education’ expands the band’s sound further, heading into even cooler territories.

EP opener, ‘Smoking Hour’ bursts straight into the punkier realms of indie rock, a masterpiece of fast-changing tempos and playful lyricism; meanwhile earlier single, ‘Present In The Moment’ is one of the heavier tracks of the record, pushing through searing choruses and bulky guitar riffs.

Latest single, ‘Coltrane’, is a flying, fuzz-filled banger – pairing vintage guitar tones with incredibly catchy lyrics, rolling into anthemic melodies and winding riffs.

Shortest song of the EP; ‘Laptop’s Glow’ zooms through chaotic instrumentals and spinning vocals, before descending into ’27 Years’, a punk-driven track which ends on a psychedelic-leaning course of kaleidoscopic riffs and heavy drums.

Ending ‘Abstract Education’ in the place where it started, the closing song is the band’s first single from the EP, ‘Former Warnings Cluster’. Eades at their best: ‘Former Warnings Cluster’ combines reeling synths with bubbling harmonies and chunky basslines; propelling from a punky, garage rock sound, into a zipping new wave style outro with rocky hooks and spiralling guitars.

Speaking about the recording and writing process behind ‘Abstract Education’, lead singer Harry Jordan said:

“As well as trying to push ourselves as songwriters, it was also the first time I’d ever produced anything using tape-which was a big learning process. I think the new approach really helped drive our creativity, keeping it fresh and exciting as well keeping us all on our toes which I think made for a better all-round performance. It’s probably our most honest and authentic piece of work we’ve putout yet.”

‘Abstract Education’ is out now on Heist or Hit.

Listen to the EP here:

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