Eades release new single, ‘Coltrane’

Leeds group, Eades, have released their newest single ‘Coltrane’, ahead of their second EP, ‘Abstract Education’.

Serving as the final glimpse into the ‘Abstract Education’ EP, ‘Coltrane’ is a flying, fuzz-filled banger – pairing vintage guitar tones with incredibly catchy choruses.

It comes after the release of ‘Former Warnings Cluster’; the first single from ‘Abstract Education’. Speaking about the band’s new EP, lead singer Harry Jordan said:

‘Abstract Education’ refers to the lessons in life that aren’t so obvious or on the nose. Forgiving, and letting go of the past, whilst still learning from it. It’s also about understanding our own emotions and coming to terms with personal flaws, bad habits, addictions, anxieties etc.”

The last single release from ‘Abstract Education’, ‘Coltrane’ provides an exciting final tease of the new EP.

‘Abstract Education’ is out on Friday.

Listen to ‘Coltrane’ here:

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