The Hazy Janes release ‘Blow off the Dust’

Halifax based, blues-rock effusing duo The Hazy Janes recently released their second single ‘Blow off the Dust’, following on from the superbly raucous ‘Yellow Belly Blues’ – which received airplay from stations such as Planet Rock Radio, Amazing Radio, and Jorvik Radio.

The latest from the band is another sumptuously boisterous, Black Keys-esque blast of a blues lament – albeit with a emphatically pleasing West Yorkshire tinge. An exceptionally sharp and incisive, nigh on irresistible riff from guitarist/vocalist Ellis Best abounds throughout – reaching it’s bone-rattling, delta-blues soaked zenith in the chorus’ ecstatic clamour, spurred on by the consistently stoic and oft justifiably thunderous beat of drummer Bron Bury. Atop this bristling, scintillating guitar-drums furore, a subtle but exuberant, “…killer keys part which plays throughout…” – courtesy of “…Jonny Hooker at Young Thugs Studios…”, who the band also “…thank for all the recording and production…”.

On ‘Blow off the Dust’, the band say:

“Like our debut single, the song came together through the exchanging of voice notes during the midst of lockdown #3. Sonically, we wanted to throw a curveball with our second release and give our fans something a little moody and keep them on their toes.”

Lyrically the track is a visceral, ‘no-holds-barred’ embodiment of revisiting an old hobby after “…blowing off the cobwebs and reminding yourself (and others)  just what you used to be capable of…”

This mentality is also intrinsic in the track’s chosen artwork:

“…an old picture of renowned Halifax wrestler, Farmer Johnny Allan (also Bron’s grandad). Later in life, Johnny was once in a pub carrying some drums for his son (Bron’s dad) when someone yelled, “careful there grandad.” This was, what one might call, a huge mistake. Approaching his mid-60s, Johnny squared up to the man in question and through a simple stare made him feel the size of a 2 pence coin. Johnny was very much ready to blow off the dust…”

The Hazy Janes are playing their debut hometown show at Halifax’s The Lantern this October, alongside fellow West Yorkshire acts CPSD and Eli Rivers. Tickets available here.

See below an introductory video the band released, discussing “…how the duo came together, what inspires them and which types of food are their favourite.”

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