SCALPING share ‘Monolithium’ ahead of EP release

Alongside the track’s release, SCALPING have shared a video – envisioned by the band’s “fifth member and long-term collaborator of SCALPING’s live visuals”, Jason Baker.

The new track features the pulsing, grinding, rhythmic core tasted on early outing ‘Deadlock’ – which led to the band signing to Houndstooth, as well as being named in the NME 100 for 2021 – yet moulded and implemented in an alternative but equally immersive manner. This pulverising, interlocking groove is forged from the outset and, like a fiercely woven linchpin, refuses to relinquish it’s scorched grip. As the name suggests, the track’s viscerally relentless and cohesive structure issues a repetitive, mantric, monomania-style blaze, simultaneously redolent of various far-flung genres while also a sound entirely their own. The blistering energy presented here, and across SCALPING’s previous releases, exhibits not only the ructions of their live shows, but also the fiercely driven statement of their new EP.

The FLOOD EP is the first full realisation of the force SCALPING possess: a collection embracing the band’s total and all-encompassing control over their music, and the exorcising power they vicariously apply through this process. ‘The Perimeter’, for example, employs a sheer, bone-shattering volume which is “…constantly cranked up, increasing in depth and power eventually forcing out a trance-metal hybrid gemstone.”

SCALPING also have announcements of 2021 UK Tour dates, including their rescheduled tour dates with Squarepusher (an early supporter of the group) and sold-out Peckham Audio headline show.

2 Sep 21 – Peckham Audio, London (Headline), UK

03 Sep 21 – Wide Awake Fest, London, UK

04 Sep 21 – Manchester Psych Fest, Manchester, UK

11 Sept 21 – Misty Fields Fest, Heusden, NL

24 Sept 21 – Loco Klub, Bristol, UK

Sat 23 Oct 21 – Boiler Shop, Newcastle, UK*

25 Oct 21 – Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool, UK*

26 Oct 21 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK*

27 Oct 21 – Concorde2, Brighton, UK*

28 Oct 21 – Metronome, Nottingham, UK*

 29 Oct 21 – Roundhouse, London, UK*

Tickets available here

Pre-order the FLOOD EP, released June 18th on Houndstooth.

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