Bedrooms share ‘in yer pocket’ ahead of EP release

Dublin four-piece Bedrooms, not to be confused with Hull’s Shoegaze-y five-piece bdrmm, have recently unveiled the latest track to feature on their forthcoming debut EP. Bedrooms released ‘For Today’, the first offering from the EP, last month, receiving support from Clash, DIY, NME, NPR and more – a track that perfectly embodies the band’s remarkable propensities for slow-burning, enveloping shrouds of Cocteau Twins, Galaxie 500-esque shoegaze and slowcore; as well as ominous, impactful, heady conclusions of crashing guitars and pensive yet cathartic vocals.

While also employing these emphatic and stunning payoffs from impassioned build-ups, ‘in yer pocket’ delves deeply into Bedrooms’ profoundly sincere, heartfelt musical facets, portraying this intimacy with as much balance and precision as the visceral catharsis they have exhibited. The track’s early half ekes sumptuous melancholy through the plaintively strummed guitar chords and stoic but ethereal bass, while the drums are a spritely, dynamic backbone keeping the burgeoning momentum thriving. The lyrical and vocal slant is one of a somber, and pared restraint, deftly furthering the candorous, aching tone: “I’m down on my knees in yer pocket”.

On ‘in yer pocket’, guitarist/vocalist Dev McGarry says:

“in yer pocket” was a lot of fun for us to record and is a tune we really love to play live. We’re all for simplicity, and just enjoy how it meanders and flows and love what Bill Ryder-Jones brought to the recording process.

We wrote the track with the intention of keeping it pretty light and airy and didn’t really want to over complicate anything when it came to the recording. If there is a Bedrooms ‘sound’ “in yer pocket” is probably the closest thing we have to it. 

 We try to have some fun with the lyrical content of our tracks and don’t take them too seriously, but I suppose the track is loosely about anyone/anything getting the better of you. A tale as old as time.”

Listen to ‘in yer pocket’ here.

Afterglow EP Cover

Bedrooms release their debut EP, ‘Afterglow’, on April 30th, recorded with the astute and experienced musical acuity of Bill Ryder-Jones – a personal hero of the band’s, as bassist Dane Staunton describes: “Recording this EP with Bill Ryder Jones was a bit of a dream come true for us. We’re huge admirers of his music and we felt that he could get the most out of these tracks and the sounds we had in our head.” Hence, this recording period in West Kirby – with the sharp, inventive, and genre-melding material produced, and working alongside the revered Bill Ryder-Jones – led to Bedrooms’ “favourite time as a band.

Pre-order/pre-save the EP here.

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