Borth releases debut EP, ‘Nettle Soup’

Borth, the alter-ego and music project of Wirral-based producer, Daniel Wright, has unveiled his debut EP, ‘Nettle Soup’.

All written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Borth; the EP opens with ‘Peach O.K.’, a swirling pop track with rippled harmonies and winding instrumental solos. The funky undertones of second track, ‘Energy Deficit (Recharge Station’, pop up throughout the record, most evident amongst the colourful riffs of ‘Roofman’s Plan’, ‘Standby For Now’, and ‘Flames and Strays’.


‘Jimbo’ veers into psychedelia, merging spaced-out melodies with softer guitar notes; whilst the catchy lyricism of ‘Brioche Kiosk’ is complemented by bright, video-game-esque instrumentals and breezy choruses.

Closing track, ‘My Recipe Is Tomorrow’s Enemy’, wraps the EP up on a quieter note, spinning through shiny synths and warm vocals, before fading away into a sweet, sun-soaked outro.

Cementing his place as one of the most exciting emerging artists around at the moment; Borth continues to explore and experiment with music, chopping and changing genres to create a array of tracks all unique in their own way.

Listen to the ‘Nettle Soup’ EP here:

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