The Early Mornings release new single ‘Blank Sky’

The Early Mornings – comprised of guitarist/vocalist Annie Leader, bassist Danny Shannon, and drummer Rhys Davies – formed in 2018; their exuberant sound is imbued with an angular, jerking, aurally captivating, post-punk-y guitar sound. The Manchester 3-piece released their debut single ‘Artificial Flavour’ last year, as well as the short and sharp, uber-melodic ‘Just a Picture’ – both of which equally exhibit the band’s incisive ability for succinct pop gold, a perfect vehicle for Annie’s poetic notes on the everyday, envisioned through a kaleidoscopic, surrealist lens.

This poetic nature – one not entirely dissimilar to the flowing spoken word which has seen Dry Cleaning’s ascendancy to the forefront of indie, but with a refreshingly Northern twist – very much paints the canvas of The Early Mornings’ new track ‘Blank Sky’, with the off kilter but propulsive instrumentation an exacerbating boost to the sardonic lyrics and vocals. Annie’s lyrical style, influenced by the Dadaist cut-up method, starts as poetry which she then selects lines from to fit the personality of each song – resulting in a singular form which balances the abstract and the mundane, the personal and political, and fragmented observations. This coalesces within the diverse lyrical maelstrom of ‘Blank Sky’ in such asides as “…the trickle of the urinal, or the crash of the waterfall”.

‘Blank Sky’ has also been partnered with a self-directed video, navigating the Manchester streets as a gritty conduit to the wiry guitars and deadpan vocals. Here’s what Annie says of the video’s intent:

“The colour palette, composition and lighting of the video all mix to create a dullness; a mundane reality which is interposed with artistic references, flashes of colour and surrealism. This is an idea which extends throughout our music as well.”

Check the video out below.

‘Blank Sky’ features on the band’s debut EP Unnecessary Creation, which they are self-releasing on Friday 18th June 2020.

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