Bernardo releases new EP, ‘Wasn’t There, Someone Told Me’

West-London-based artist Sonia Bernardo, a.k.a Bernardo, has released her latest EP, ‘Wasn’t There, Someone Told Me’, co-produced by Dave Maclean (Django Django).

Immersed in an sparkling expanse of soul and jazz, the ‘Wasn’t There, Someone Told Me’ EP is the perfect opening to sunnier days, traversing through golden melodies and heavenly vocals.

Contrasting bright vocals with moodier basslines, opening track, ‘All You Leave Is Love’ encapsulates elements of both psychedelic rock and soul-driven pop, drifting into a colourful, yet haunting tune.

‘Almost A Mother’ opens with soft riffs, before spinning into fuzz-infused melodies touched by dreamy vocal hooks, whilst ‘Migraine Daze’ hits the most soulful notes of the record; a kaleidoscopic blend of fizzing harmonies and spiralling instrumentals.

Final song, ‘Lovers Praise’ finds the beauty within the subtleties, intricately exploring the finer melodic details of soul, jazz, and psychedelia. The ultimate finale to an EP unafraid to break genre boundaries.

Listen to ‘Wasn’t There, Someone Told Me’ here:

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