Glastonbury Festival tease Worthy Farm gigs

Glastonbury Festival have teased the idea of gigs happening at Worthy Farm this year, after posting a video with the caption ‘#LiveAtWorthyFarm’ on Twitter.

The video has already been shared across social media, with avid fans desperate to work out what it means.

Last week, Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis confirmed that the festival had applied for a license to hold a gig at Worthy Farm in September, saying:

“For those asking for an update on our plans later this year, we have put an application in for a licence for a concert at the farm in September (around the time we’d usually do Pilton Party).”

“Of course, we’ve no idea yet whether we’ll able to do that, but we wanted to get the application in to be in with a chance”, she continued in a post on Instagram, saying it was “unlikely we’ll have any news for a couple of months – but will let you know right here when we do.”

It’s unclear what the Worthy Farm gigs will be yet – but it certainly looks like we’ll have more exciting information coming soon.

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