Black Honey release glittering second record, ‘Written and Directed’

Brighton four-piece, Black Honey, are back with their second album, ‘Written and Directed’.

The band, made up of Izzy B. Phillips (vocals and guitar), Tommy Taylor (bass), Chris Ostler (vocals), and Alex Woodward (drums), released their debut record in 2018, going on to perform their biggest headline tour yet, featuring a huge show at Electric Ballroom in London.

Opening with the powerful, heavily grunge-driven, ‘I Like The Way You Die’, Black Honey’s second record sees them bounce straight back into their rock roots. Whilst their debut album saw them take on star-spangled disco bops and synth-laden guitar tracks, ‘Written and Directed’ can be likened in many ways to their earlier outings.

‘Run For Cover’ growls through punky hooks and bass-heavy riffs, racing into anthemic build ups and big choruses. Released earlier last year, ‘Beaches’ quickly became the soundtrack to the summer that never was, an escapist tune sparkling with hazy production and rays of vintage sunshine.

The album finds cloudier tones within ‘Back Of The Bar’, before erupting into standout track, ‘Believer’. A pure, feel-good boost, ‘Believer’ combines all the best bits of desert rock, punk, and glam-rock to create a shining, listen-to-this-in-the-car-with-the-windows-down banger. This one is destined for the live stage – a sure to be fan-favourite when gigs finally come back.

Black Honey. Photo by  Laura Allard-Fleischl.

Coming in like the finale of a film soundtrack, ‘Do It To Myself’ draws on soft verses, and huge, striking choruses, billowing through brass-infused instrumentals and sailing guitars. ‘Disinfect’ takes the record on a darker turn, with siren-like riffs and gloomy lyrics which were scarily written pre-COVID.

Summer ‘92’ is a fun, fuzz-tinged tune, dominated by storming guitars, heavy drums, and hints of psychedelia. ‘Fire’, meanwhile, feels like the most personal track of the record. With lyrics focusing on being unapologetically yourself, it rises into a rousing anthem filled with positive messages of empowerment, with lead singer, Phillips, promising “I won’t apologise”.

Final track of the album, ‘Gabrielle’ is a quiet, acoustic ballad. A subdued end to a thundering record.

Second album syndrome? No way. Black Honey have somehow managed to top the brilliance of their first record. Cinematic, empowering, and energizing – Black Honey have secured their signature sound.

The album is out tomorrow (19th March), and is available to order here.

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