Fresh release new single, ‘Girl Clout’

London punk four-piece, Fresh, have returned with their latest single, ‘Girl Clout’.

Their first release since 2019, ‘Girl Clout’ is a stomping banger destined for the live scene, with driving vocals towering over screaming riffs and tireless drums, melding into a cathartic anthem.

Speaking about the new single, lead singer, Kathryn Woods, said: “I wrote it in two minutes and as soon as we jammed it out together, we knew that it felt right”.

“Themes include power, not being taken seriously by male musicians and bands, and being tokenised”, she continues, saying: “It’s also about seeing through performative male allyship, owning your space in punk music as a woman and venting your frustrations through good old-fashioned rock and roll.

After a year without being able to tour, the band’s current plans include a new album, along with finally getting back to doing live shows.

Listen to ‘Girl Clout’ here:

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