Sam Eagle releases new single, ‘She’s So Nice’

21-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist, Sam Eagle, has released his latest single, ‘She’s So Nice’.

Set as the title track of his new EP, ‘She’s So Nice‘ comes after November’s release of ‘Something Out Of Nothing’; an EP which saw Eagle take a step into a new realm of song creation, expanding his sound through tracks such as ‘Funkenheim’ and ‘Like This’.

‘She’s So Nice’ continues that journey, landing in a cool mist of soul, R&B, and funk, with infectious pop hooks and swirling basslines. The track breaks out into heavier, psych-rock infused guitar licks, before slowing into a soft chorus outro, dominated by sparkling, summery production.

Discussing ‘She’s So Nice’, Eagle said: “It’s very much obviously a love song, but as it’s not written about or for any particular person, to me it’s not necessarily intended to be about romantic love, which I like.

This one is the oldest song out of all of them and has probably been recorded in different versions about 9 or 10 times before finding the final arrangement”, he continued: “I was happy with the final result, as it still has it’s hip-hop / soul at it’s core, but with indie arrangements around it.”

Eagle’s new EP, ‘She’s So Nice’ is out 16th April via Cooking Vinyl.

Listen to ‘She’s So Nice’ here:

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