The Pale White release new single, ‘That Dress’

A fan-favourite originally released as a demo track – in their new single, The Pale White have reworked ‘That Dress’, ready for their upcoming debut album.

A thumping rock track, ‘That Dress’ sees the band at their gritty, guitar-heavy roots, ripping through rhythmic basslines and icy vocals. Addictive to listen to, swaggering hooks swirl round expansive riffs and steady drums, crafting a smooth, bluesy rock sound.

Speaking about their new album, ‘Infinite Pleasure’, The Pale White say “We’ve been talking about our debut album for a long time and now it’s actually happening. It feels surreal.

‘Infinite Pleasure’ is the concept that as humans, we’re constantly chasing that ‘something’ throughout our lives,” they continue, “sometimes the journey can be the most fun without realising. We’re definitely reflecting on everything we’ve done so far and feeling incredibly proud about it as we take the leap into a new chapter of The Pale White.

‘That Dress’ is the band’s second single release so far this year. The Pale White’s debut record, ‘Infinite Pleasure’, is out on 23rd April.

Listen to ‘That Dress’ here:

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