The Howlers release ‘I Don’t Love You All The Time’

East London trio The Howlers have shared new track ‘I Don’t Love You All The Time’, which movingly channels frontman Adam Young’s experience of losing loved ones to COVID-19 last year. Young describes ‘I Don’t Love You All The Time’ as an “an ode to the trials and tribulations of love and loss in modern times, an observation about understanding how to come to terms with falling out of love whilst at the same time longing to be loved in kind.”

The track was born out of considerable indie-rock lineage: not only was it mastered in Jack White’s Third Man Records, it was also produced and mixed by Theo Verney (Lazarus Kane, FEET and FUR) & Tarek Musa (Circa Waves, Kagoule) at Echo Zoo Studios. The Howlers however, even with these impactful indie-rock allies, furrow a path all their own – distilling influences of afrobeat and West Coast, they leave not a shred of doubt of their singular position in the indie sphere. ‘I Don’t Love You All The Time’, despite the dour intonations of the title, hinges on an incredibly joyous, undulating, and buoyant riff. This, and the untamed drumming and thudding basslines, as well as chorus unleashing huge relief, drives cathartic bouts deep in the ears.

The band – comprising Cameron Black (drums) and Guuster Braak (bass), alongside vocalist/guitarist Young – felt similarly galvanic choruses during their time spent recording this track and others last year. Isolated in a North London Factory to help each other with the grief through writing, they were surrounded by the pain at the city’s core whilst travelling to and from the factory, the Black Lives Matter protests gripping the city.

Further releases are expected from this hugely captivating band, who are also touring at the end of the year.

The Howlers Live Dates:

24th November – Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth 

25th November – The Boileroom, Guildford 

26th November –  The Lanes, Bristol

28th November – Think Tank Underground, Newcastle 

30th November – Oporto, Leeds

1st December – YES Basement, Manchester

2nd December – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

3rd December – The Lexington, London

4th December – Rossi Bar, Brighton

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