The Covasettes return with ‘Modern Rapunzel’

Manchester indie quartet The Covasettes have revealed latest track ‘Modern Rapunzel’, following a period of refining and exploring their sound.

The band embarked on this explorative stage as they had, vocalist Chris Buxton describes, “less pressure on us to release music so we wanted to bide our time and keep writing new music until we had a song that blew us all away…” – having amassed 1.5 million Spotify stream across their catalogue, given a spot on the Glastonbury Emerging Talent, and playing live on BBC Radio 5Live – which is precisely exhibited on ‘Modern Rapunzel’. Their constant experimenting with “new sounds” is instilled, for example, via the tidal-esque wall of bassist Jamie’s production style – resulting in a perfect summation of the band’s creative period.

An altogether perfect articulation of their tonal and songwriting journey, ‘Modern Rapunzel’ is sparked by a tantalising, burgeoning guitar line which exemplifies the newly revitalised production aesthetic. The lyrical narrative furthers this tone, hinting toward the quicksand-like, sinking thoughts of persevering in a relationship and perhaps kidding yourself that things will get better. The melancholy continues with incredibly striking, sharp instrumentation, leading to a barnstorming chorus which releases the built-up catharsis.

Listen to ‘Modern Rapunzel’ below.

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