Laufey releases new single, ‘Best Friend’

Imbuing her pop-effusing sound with classical and jazz inflections, Icelandic-Chinese musician, singer-songwriter, cellist, and pianist Laufey has released new track ‘Best Friend’ – having released the massive debut hit ‘Street by Street’, earning the praises of Billie Eilish and reaching #1 on Iceland Radio – which precedes her debut EP Typical Me. Laufey’s classical and jazz influences were born from her time playing with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra at the age of 15, an experience that nurtured her desire to combine this classical background with her more modern tastes.

‘Best Friend’ is an astonishing example of this intelligent, energetic blending. Captivating jazz melodies and buoyant, sometimes scat-style vocals, piano oozing emotion, and a lyrical narrative of aching candour – telling of “the promise and possibility of romance still to come” – mix with perfect pop song-writing and a classical sensibility. These individual elements make a seamless result, in a smooth and richly arranged, emotively stirring but joyous track.

Typical Me – out April 30th – promises to propel Laufey to new, ever-burgeoning levels in a charming debut EP. Pre-order here.


1.Street By Street

2. Magnolia

3. Like The Movies

4. I Wish You Love (Cover)

5. James

6. Someone New

7. Best Friend

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