girl in red releases new single, ‘Serotonin’, and reveals details of her debut album

‘Serotonin’ is the latest single from Norwegian singer-songwriter, girl in red.

Soft instrumentals burst into beat-heavy, fuzz-filled bursts of dark honesty, before rising through into bright choruses, and spinning back into punchy verses. ‘Serotonin’ marks a slight change in girl in red’s sound, as she evolves from large, echoing melodies into heavier, more bass-focused tracks.

The track comes from girl in red’s long-awaited debut record, ‘if i could make it go quiet’. Speaking about the album, girl in red says “‘if i could make it go quiet’ is an attempt to learn what it’s like to be human; to deal with the scariest parts of myself; to live with the pain of knowing I’m only flesh and bones; to be angry, broken and unforgiving yet still able to wear my heart on my sleeve.”

“I’m shedding light on the darkest parts of my mind and I’m letting everyone in, she continues, saying,‘if i could make it go quiet is me’ simply trying to understand what the fuck is going on.”

The new album is out on April 30th.

Listen to ‘Serotonin’ here:

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