Bedrooms release new single ‘For Today’

Dublin-based dream-pop quartet Bedrooms have today shared the first track to feature on their forthcoming EP ‘The Afterglow’. The new track ‘For Today’, and the rest of the EP was conceived with Bill Ryder Jones – a prominent hero of the band – helming the production.

Described by bassist Dane Staunton as “their most ambitious track to date”, ‘For Today’ melds Galaxie 500-tinged shoegaze with a generous ounces of slowcore. A catalyst of the band’s new, visceral, and expansive sound came in the shape of Daniel Fox of Girl Band, fellow Dublin stalwarts – a “development of sounds” they became interested in while working with Fox. Staunton’s oppressive, dynamic, thudding bass lies at the galvanic heart of the track, while Dev McGarry’s yearning vocals pierce through with a stirring sense of contemplation – especially so in it’s tense climax of “We’ll just sit here in the afterglow”, sitting among rising drums. The track’s entire 5-minutes pulse with a dark but hopeful aura, demonstrated incredibly in the shard-like guitar notes cascading throughout.

On the EP, Bedrooms aimed to “put together a collection of songs we believed reflected our progression as musicians and songwriters from our earlier releases.” After the turmoil of last year meant their plans to “release the EP in the late summer of 2020”, “gig again and have a launch night to showcase the tracks” careened into rubble, they instead realised the imperative: “we created something that we’re all proud of and didn’t want to sit on the songs for any longer.”

‘The Afterglow’ is released in April.

Bedrooms – The Afterglow EP tracklisting:

1. For Today
2. Circle K
3. In Yer Pocket