Baby Queen releases new single, ‘These Drugs’

Rising London-based alt-pop artist, Baby Queen, has released her newest single, ‘These Drugs’.

Driven by honesty, ‘These Drugs’ sees Baby Queen open up on struggles with mental health, and the need for escapism. “I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to be so uncomfortably honest in these lyrics”, says Baby Queen, “but I also knew I had to share this story with people because we all have a monkey on our back and self-destruction is a stranger to nobody”.

Understated verses build into powerful, atmospheric choruses, as echoing vocals convey the emptiness of being lost within your own thoughts. The song itself is backed by a clever video, which Baby Queen said was inspired by the first line of the lyrics: “I don’t wanna do drugs anymore // If you saw me through the eyes of a bathroom stall, your skin would crawl.

“I became really obsessed with the idea of only ever seeing somebody through the eyes of different bathroom stalls”, said Baby Queen, speaking about the video. “I think if somebody were to watch actual footage of me in every London bathroom stall I’ve ever been in, they would see some of the most euphoric moments of my life, as well as some of the darkest – and I really wanted to re-create that,” she continues.

“I came up with this idea to build four completely different bathroom stalls with different energies and narratives, and to just allow the actions to happen naturally inside each one”, elaborates Baby Queen, saying that she’s proud of the video, giving a special nod to both Semera Khan and Saorla Houston for their parts in its creation.

The track is the follow-up to the earlier released single, ‘Raw Thoughts’, which featured as Tune of the Week on Greg James’ Radio 1 show.

Watch the video for ‘These Drugs’ here:

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