deep tan release new single, ‘camelot’

London-based punk trio, deep tan, have released their newest single ‘camelot’, ahead of their upcoming debut EP, ‘creeping speedwells’.

Following on from their previous single, ‘deepfake’, deep tan continue to meld their sound into a punkier form, gradually moving away from their earlier, more toned down, electronic releases.

Describing the track as “an unashamed tribute to ‘the sesh’” the band say that ‘camelot’ follows a group of people who have “just been evicted with only 48hrs notice, leading them to have one last rager in order to forget about the stress of not finding a new home with such short notice”.

With a dark tone set by a pounding bassline; ‘camelot’ speeds through hooks and verses in a cyclical nature, pushing through attempts to drown out panic and worry via heavy drinking and partying. Guitars break through the vocals in jolts, before ricocheting into faster-paced choruses, backed by louder drums.

‘camelot’ is the second single from the band’s debut EP, ‘creeping speedwells’, which is set to be released 4th June.

Listen to ‘camelot’ here:

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