Crystal Tides release new single, ‘Headcase’

Indie rockers Crystal Tides have released their newest single, ‘Headcase’.

Another anthemic blast of sunny pop melodies and singalong vocal hooks, ‘Headcase’ is a shining indie rock track, with lyricism reflecting on the emotions of being drawn in and led on in a relationship.

Expanding on the meaning behind ‘Headcase’, the band say it’s about “the
emotions you deal with, alongside the mental battle inside your own head because you can’t figure out why you can’t stop thinking about that one person, despite the fact they’re just playing with your head”

“You know it’s wrong but you think somehow you can make it work”, they continue.

‘Headcase’ is the band’s first single release of 2021, coming after the release of three singles throughout last year.

Listen to ‘Headcase’ here:

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