SHRINK releases debut self titled EP

Last week marked the release of the compelling debut EP from Kent-based artist Sam Breathwick, aka SHRINK.

Combining dark pop with alt-rock tones, the self-titled record sees SHRINK build upon the string of singles released across the past year, writing from his brothers perspective as he went through a tough period of time.

First track and latest single, ‘Cut You Loose’, begins the EP on a series of brooding instrumentals and introspective lyrical hooks, establishing a foggy atmosphere for the rest of the record to evolve upon.

With fluctuating melodies and jagged synths, ‘Drowning’ and ‘Memory Man’ take on a more experimental approach; with the latter ricocheting through fragmented instrumentals and dizzying vocals.

The most heartfelt track of the EP, ‘Eraser’ treads through the difficulties of mental health issues, with Breathwick exploring the unconditional care his mum showed for his brother. Subtle in both production and instrumentation, ‘Eraser’ is marked by powerful lyricism and soft vocal tones, cementing itself as the standout song of the release.

Final track, ‘Rodeo’, closes the EP on an understated note, dominated by storytelling verses and echoing guitar strums. A clever debut – SHRINK’s newest venture showcases his range and ability, with a complex EP spanning across sound and genre.

Listen to ‘SHRINK’ here:

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