Barley Passable release new single, ‘Turnaround’

Ahead of their forthcoming EP, Australia-based duo, Barley Passable, have released their latest single, ‘Turnaround’.

A funk-filled disco hit, ‘Turnaround’ melds raw vocals with beat-driven hooks, layering slick harmonies with flashy riffs and rolling synths. Discussing the track’s theme, the duo describe it as “the final plea of real love“, going on to say “‘turnaround’ is the last thing you can say to get someone to stay“.

Speaking on the cyclical nature of the song’s lyricism, Barley Passable said “the two of us really wanted the feeling of sadness and desire when a loved one leaves to come through“.

“So the repetitiveness of all the lyrics mirrors the way that those emotions just keep replaying on your mind“, they continued.

The new single has been released in anticipation of their upcoming EP, ‘Hindsight’, which is set to be debuted later this year.

Listen to ‘Turnaround’ here:

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