Rory Wynne releases new single, ‘Make You Mine’

Manchester-based singer-songwriter, Rory Wynne, has released his latest single, ‘Make You Mine’.

A dreamy, synth-driven spectrum of 80s-style hooks, echoing vocals, and rippling guitars; ‘Make You Mine’ sees Wynne step further away from his more traditional rock roots, embarking into fresher, more exciting territory.

Speaking about the single, Wynne said his move to Manchester brought about a desire to craft a new sound, describing ‘Make You Mine’ as “the perfect tune to mark a new chapter.”

“With some songs everything comes to you at once and that happened with this one – it isn’t as autobiographical as my past singles. I was picturing it as more of a coming-of-age movie lyrically”, he continued.

Wynne released his debut LP back in 2018, whilst last year saw the release of previous single, ‘Roses’.

‘Make You Mine’ is out now Very Clever Records. Watch the music video here:

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