Thelma Ball release new single, ‘Start A Fight’

‘Start A Fight’ is the newest release from London rockers, Thelma Ball.

Rolling off lyrics with a Casablancas-esque swagger; ‘Start A Fight’ opens with a pondering intro, before firing into howling guitar licks and sizzling choruses. Backed by an ever-powerful rhythm, the track races on through a series of intense lyrical hooks, finally peaking with a short burst of screaming riffs.

Accompanied by an animated music video revealing a feisty, blu tack constructed clash; ‘Start A Fight’ details conflict and self-destruction, tackling the desire to confront “the unknown”.

Last year saw the release of ‘Toys’; a track packed with big riffs, fuzzy production, and nostalgic nods to Britpop and 2000’s rock. ‘Start A Fight’ is the band’s first single of 2021, with more music releases planned for early Spring.

Watch the video for ‘Start A Fight’ here: