8 underrated Mac DeMarco songs

With a huge discography, some of Mac DeMarco’s tracks are bound to get overlooked. Here’s a list of some of our favourites:

Dreams From Yesterday

Pure, sleepy bliss. A gem from one of Mac’s best albums.

Goodbye Weekend

From a 10/10 record, ‘Goodbye Weekend’ has all the elements of a Mac classic, with vibrant synths, catchy lyricism, and wistful vocals.

Go Easy

Another track from ‘Salad Days’, this one screams of hazy summer days and long drives.

A Heart Like Hers

One of our all time favourites, ‘A Heart Like Hers’ brings in a touch of soft melancholy to Mac’s second mini-LP.

The Stars Keep On Calling My Name

Acoustic-heavy, ‘The Stars Keep On Calling My Name’ draws influences from 60s pop, combining jangly guitars and lo-fi vocals.

Rock and Roll Night Club

Taken from Mac’s debut mini-LP of the same name, ‘Rock and Roll Night Club’ captures the Canadian artist in some of his earlier, more experimental times.

European Vegas

To those of us in the UK, the term ‘European Vegas’ may conjure up images of Blackpool – but who knows whether the town was the inspiration behind this track…

Still Together

Often one of the closing songs in Mac’s live shows, ‘Still Together’ will always be one of his best.

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