Somebody’s Child releases new single, ‘Lost’

‘Lost’ is the latest release from Irish indie pop artist, Somebody’s Child.

Dominated by powerful, emotion-filled vocals, ‘Lost’ draws upon heavy melancholy and subdued instrumentals, developing into a racing pop anthem with sky-high harmonies and fast riffs.

Explaining that ‘Lost’ was written after leaving college and experiencing career anxiety, Somebody’s Child said: “The song taught me a lot in hindsight, I think I was probably suppressing a lot of emotions that were manifesting in situations that weren’t really relevant to what was going on inside.”

“It’s a real example of what a therapeutic experience songwriting can be.”

The new single is the second track from Somebody’s Child’s upcoming EP, ‘Hope, Amongst Other Things’, which is set to be released next year.

Listen to ‘Lost’ here:

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