Heurt releases new EP, ‘Velvet’

Fresh from releasing his latest single, ‘After Party’, Nottingham-based artist Heurt has just released his new EP, ‘Velvet’.

Delicate in both its musicality and lyricism, the ‘Velvet’ EP is beautifully pieced together, providing a gorgeously warm soundtrack to cold winter days. Beginning with the jazzy tones of ‘Pressure’, the EP begins on an upbeat high, before falling into the dancier, more synth-heavy ‘Be Someone (Else)’.

Having already established his new single, ‘After Party’ as a piece of escapist pop lushness; the dive into title track, ‘Velvet’ hits hard, lead by strong tones of sadness and mourning. Final song, ‘Drunk’, begins on a similar level, rising as brighter instrumentals rush in, before fading away into a subtle run of soft piano notes.

Heurt’s EP is a wistful glimpse into the ups and downs of relationships – powerful in its craft, and highly emotive in its expression.

Listen to ‘Velvet’ here:

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