8 of the most underrated songs from The Strokes

With a back catalogue of nearly twenty years, and a host of tunes which defined the British indie rock output of the 2000s, it’s hard to find a track by The Strokes that doesn’t get over-played at your local indie disco. But there are few that get neglected…

Welcome to Japan

Part of what’s likely The Strokes’ most underrated LP, ‘Welcome to Japan’ oozes cool, dancing through funky guitar licks and slick vocals. What kind of asshole drives a Lotus?…

I Can’t Win

Classic Strokes. High tempo. Monster riff. A great ending to one of the best albums to come out of the 2000s.

Evening Sun

Melancholic, and doused in the nostalgia of being a teenager; if the end of summer was a song, it’d be this one.


From an album that’s never rated too highly amongst critics; ‘Games’ finds The Strokes at their most experimental, bringing various synthesisers into the mix, and finding inspiration from Daft Punk.


The entirety of ‘Is This It’ is seen as top tier amongst all the big music tastemakers, finding itself in the top ten of nearly every ‘best albums of the 2000s’ list. ‘Soma’ rarely feels appreciated as much as the rest of the hits – but it’s still just as good.

Slow Animals

Another one from ‘Comedown Machine’, The Strokes feel at their most exciting when they’re experimenting. ‘Slow Animals’ is a flawless blend of new and old… and also contains one of their best riffs!

Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men

The b-side to ‘Reptilia’, if this is your fave Strokes’ track you’re DEFINITELY a bigger fan than those #posers.

I’ll Try Anything Once

The cooler sibling of ‘You Only Live Once’. You couldn’t have an underrated The Strokes’ list without it.