Cole Bauer and dean keeton release new EP, ‘That Sound’

After meeting at University of Texas back in 2018, Austin duo dean keeton, made up of Josh Benzadon and Nate Levine; along with Philadelphia artist Cole Bauer; jointly produced the standalone single ‘Different Eyes’, along with a stream of unreleased tracks.

Subsequently going their separate ways for two years, the group were brought back together in April 2020, ready to “fill the void of Austin’s barren live music scene”. Producing and creating music late into the night, this fresh spark eventually grew into to the new ‘That Sound’ EP, which was finished this summer.

Opening with the starry-eyed string section of ‘Chapter 1’, the EP drifts through slick bedroom pop production, combining lo-fi charm with subtle drum beats and woozy instrumentals.

Powered by acoustic guitars, the EP’s title track takes on a jazzier form, lining soothing melodies with soul-infused vocals, and melting into a heavenly pop tune. Whilst the delicacy of ‘Caffeine’ oozes with the warmth of a winter fireplace, touching upon understated vocal hooks and sparkling pianos; hit single ‘Unread’ is a ready-made summer banger, packed with sweet sax solos and funky riffs.

Final track of the EP, ‘What’s the Cost’, is the perfect ending, tracing through slow-moving instrumentals and melancholic lyricism, before drifting away and culminating on the quiet notes of a lengthy piano outro.

Listen to the ‘That Sound’ EP here:

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