Meet Sam Eagle!

With a new single in the bag, we caught up with talented multi-instrumentalist and singer, Sam Eagle, as he prepares for the release of his next EP, out this month.

Speaking about how his current creative process evolved after 2019’s ‘Coping Mechanisms’, Eagle mentioned how his earlier venture was made one track at a time, in contrast to his upcoming release, which was made as ‘a body of work’.

“It was stressful though, as I put a lot more pressure on myself, which is never a good thing to do for creativity”, he says, continuing, “It took quite a long time, and there was a point where musically I was really lost. There was a point though when I just consciously decided to get back to writing music for the pure fun of it, and for myself again, and to let the songs find their own way – which was really important. Eventually, after a lot of evolving, they settled into something that I’m really happy with.”

Eagle says his new EP “will have a harder, more confident sound to Coping Mechanisms”, packing “more diversity in style and feelings across the tracks.” The themes he develops throughout centre mostly around “love, adapting to changes and finding your way”, with Eagle noting “adapting to changes is something that had a big impact on how [the tracks] were made – for example, I had to work with the mixing engineer over the phone and internet for about a month to get them mixed, which is something I’ve never done before.”

The EP’s lead single, ‘Funkenheim’ was released back in September, with Eagle describing the track as “quite reactive against the music [he’d] been making at the time.” He went on to talk about his different phases of making music, going from creating ‘crazy music’, to making simpler sounds – before back to the start again, saying “Funkenheim was basically a product of that change – I just wanted to throw in as many ideas as I possibly could.”

Photo credit: Lucy Scott

Over lockdown, Eagle began a show on Twitch called ‘SamCam’ where he streams live from his home studio. “This has allowed me a new way to ensure I keep writing, and to connect with people, which wouldn’t have happened had there not been a lockdown,” he says. Streaming frequently, Eagle unveils his entire creative process, from writing, to recording, to producing.

Going into next year, he plans to release ‘a load more music’, along with recording episodes for his new podcast, ‘SamCast’, collaborating with new people, and (hopefully!) playing shows.

Sam Eagle’s new EP is out this month via Cooking Vinyl.

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