kelz releases new single, ‘Guitar and Peaches’

‘Guitar and Peaches’ is the latest single from indie-electronic project, kelz.

Brimming with an array of carefully layered instrumentals, ‘Guitar and Peaches’ is a starry fusion of dream pop and indie electronica, taking on kaleidoscopic melodies and misty vocal tones.

Speaking about ‘Guitar and Peaches’, kelz notes that it was inspired by time spent in New York pre-COVID, saying “everywhere I went, there were people doing their own thing, independently and being so free. The track marks a transition in my life to get out of this suburban-bubble and explore what the world has to offer.”

The new single is kelz’s first release of the year, after debuting ‘Passerby’ in 2019. It comes ahead of her debut album, out next year.

Listen to ‘Guitar and Peaches’ here:

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