Listomania release new single, ‘Look Both Ways’

Sunderland band, Listomania, have released their newest single, ‘Look Both Ways’.

Making a blazing entrance into the indie rock scene, ‘Look Both Ways’ rolls through dark rhythms and soaring guitars, quickly turning into an anthemic tune packed with arena-sized harmonies and glowing optimism.

Speaking about how the track came about, the band say it began with a basic chord progression and “snowballed from there”, discussing how bassist, Michael, wrote the lyrics for the chorus, which then built into the final product.

Written from two points of view, the ‘Look Both Ways’ depicts “a story about a couple trying again and finding that it just doesn’t feel the same as it did before”, ending on them coming to terms with giving up on the relationship.

Listomania will be performing their first headline gig at The Independent in Sunderland next month.

Listen to ‘Look Both Ways’ here:

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