Seagoth releases new single, ‘Dreamworld’

Dreamworld‘ is the newest single from Liverpool-based artist, Georgia Ochoa, who releases music under the name Seagoth.

Layering tranquil instrumentals with intricate sampling and hazy vocals, ‘Dreamworld’ swirls into a euphoric psych-pop tune, with trance-inducing synths and spinning drum beats.

Speaking about the track, Georgia says the lyrics relate to “those few moments before you fully wake and your alarm is blending into your dream momentarily causing this “dreamworld” to spill into reality for a second. That strange and unreal feeling is what I attempted to replicate in this track with the lyrics and the instrumentation.”

Dreamworld‘ is Seagoth’s second release of the year, after she started 2020 by releasing her sophomore EP, ‘Internet Cafe‘.

Listen to ‘Dreamworld’ here:

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